This is the website of Dick and Irma Carlson of Flintrock Ridge, and a showcase for blacksmith Dick Carlson’s ornamental iron work.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Dick…..I was looking at your beautiful work on your website and love your metal works. I also realized we both live in Hastings. My wife, daughter and I moved here from Stillwater three fourth of Julys ago…….we love it. One of my hobbies is feeding birds or probably more appropriately, the neighborhood squirrels. I found a “shepherds hook” from a nursery and its made by some metal works company out of Chicago.?! I was wondering if you had anything like that or if I could have you make me something. It would be neat to support a local business. Anyway, thank-you, marcus bustad

    • Hi, Marcus! I’m Barb, Dick’s daughter. Sorry I didn’t see your email earlier. Let me give you my dad’s direct email so you can ask him about the shepherd’s hooks. If he doesn’t have any or can’t make them in time for you, I’m sure he can recommend another of his local blacksmiths who can. (Dick is active in the local guild.)


      Thanks for visiting the site!
      –Barb Carlson Musch

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